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Custom made sterling silver turquoise pendant by custom jewelry designer Tony Payne

 Design Your Own Handmade Silver Jewelry

Is there a silver ring or pendant design you would like made into a unique piece of jewelry? Jewelry maker and designer Tony Payne has been creating unique custom sterling silver jewelry for over 25 years. All the pictures on this site are examples of jewelry made by Tony for his Internet customers.


If you want a handcrafted sterling silver ring, bracelet, charm or pendant made from your design Tony can expertly make it to your specifications. Email him at with your unique custom jewelry design ideas. He will give you a free price quote based on your design and desired precious metal.

Handmade ladies sterling silver ring manufactured by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom made gents opal sterling silver ring by Payne's Custom Jewelry


How Custom Jewelry is Made

Custom silver jewelry is usually sketched on paper and the design is carved from wax. The wax model is destroyed by extreme heat in the casting process.  This process is called "lost wax casting". The How Custom Jewelry is Made page has a step by step description of this jewelry making process. The jewelry maker hand carves each wax model individually, making the finished piece as unique as the person receiving it.


Your custom jewelry creation can be almost any type of design including a custom ring, pendant, pin or bracelet. If you have a picture or sketch of a piece you would like made in sterling silver, this would be helpful to Tony in creating your custom handmade jewelry. He can also make sketches of the design for your approval. 

During this process he can send you pictures through email of how your handcrafted jewelry is being made. This one-on-one service helps to ensure that you receive a very special custom sterling silver ring or pendant to treasure for many years to come.

If you want multiple copies a rubber mold is made of the original. This is then used to make each additional piece. The labor on the each additional piece will be much less than the labor charge on the first item.

Custom made sterling silver and CZ pendant made by Payne's Custom Jewelry

Custom designed sterling silver teapot pendant with diamond from Payne's Custom Jewelry

The Price of Custom Silver Jewelry

The cost of custom made silver or gold jewelry depends on the design details, what metal is used and whether gemstones are included in the design. For a simple custom ring the labor charges to carve, cast and finish starts at $250. The labor charges for a simple handmade pendant begin at $150. The labor charge for a custom championship or class ring with lettering or a design on the top and both sides begins at $1,200.

Your custom jewelry can be made in either sterling silver or 10 or 14 karat gold. The price of the precious metal will depend on the type used, the weight of the finished piece and current market conditions. Diamonds and other faceted gemstones can be used in your handcrafted jewelry design. You can choose either natural or synthetic gemstones.  Designer cut gemstones that are made using turquoise, fossilized dinosaur bone, bloodstone, opal or black onyx are also available for use in your unique ring or pendant.

Email Tony at and he will give you a free price quote based on your individual custom jewelry needs.

Handcrafted sterling silver pendant by designer Tony Payne

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